Our Chairman


When last I was Chairman of the Nantwich Choral Society, some 30 years ago, no-one would have had any idea what a web site was. Now, with all the technology available, we can communicate rapidly with each other, and through this website we can hopefully encourage you to attend some of our concerts, possibly take part in our “Singing days” and “Come and Sing” events, and if you are particularly inspired, actually come and join the society. We really are a friendly group and you will be made most welcome.
Not everyone in the society is musically trained. I myself and many others spent our formative years learning music and a variety of instruments in school. Some of us will have been brought up in the musical traditions of the church, although the music performed by this society would stretch most church choirs.  But we all have to learn new works, and if it was easy, where would be the challenge?
To this end we are indebted to John Naylor (Music Director) and Simon Russell (Accompanist) for making our rehearsals an informative, educational and enjoyable experience which hopefully reflects through to the eventual performance. 
I hope you find this site useful, and hopefully it helps the NCS to fulfil our aims of performing and promoting classical choral music, not only within Crewe and Nantwich, but also in the wider area.  

Adrian Percy