Covid-19 statement (April 2021)

It is now thirteen months since Nantwich Choral Society was able to meet and, unfortunately, it appears that it is going to be at least another two months before we will be allowed to do so again. And that assumes the dates set out in the Roadmap can be complied with and that the data do not suggest a prolonged lockdown.

During the preceding year we have made provisional plans which would enable us to start operating as soon as restrictions were lifted, but unfortunately we have been thwarted on every occasion. One of the biggest issues is the fact that so many members have been shielding or just unhappy to risk meeting in groups of a size permitted by the regulations. Now, however, the vaccination roll out seems to be progressing well and by June most members will have received their full compliment of vaccine. Yet we still cannot say with certainty that we will be able to meet as a choral society, undertaking what is considered a high risk activity - singing.

As a result, the Society has decided that we will not attempt to undertake any events or activities until the start of the new academic year in September. By then things should be clearer as to what the way forward is going to be. Either we will be having to face a new practical normal, or else we will still be facing some form of regulatory control over what activities we can undertake.

We wanted to get a new season off to a flying start with a Come and Sing Messiah in late September, but the uncertainty means that we are postponing this until February 2022. Instead we are looking towards a Singing Day in September, which will be open to non members, but which is much easier to change or cancel, should circumstances deem it necessary.

I am sorry that we cannot be more specific in what is happening in the Nantwich Choral Society, but I am trying to be open and transparent by providing this briefing. It is not the way in which I want to treat our supporters and potential new members, but I am sure you all understand the difficulties with which we are faced. All that I can suggest is that you keep up to date with our website, or else use the contact details provided on the site to have your specific questions answered.

We look forward to meeting you all again soon and in the meantime,
Stay Safe.

Adrian Percy

Nantwich Choral Society.