Covid-19 statement

It is now 8 months since Nantwich Choral Society was first subject to lockdown at which point it became impossible for us to rehearse and, therefore, to perform any sort of music. Lockdown was lifted over summer, yet performing organisations, and particularly  amateur organisations, were still prevented from gathering. It was only in October that we were able to gather under strict Covid secure conditions, and even then with only 16 voices at any one time. The further lockdown of November once again prevented meetings and only now are we able to meet again, but still only with 16 voices.

However, a vaccine is just around the corner, if politicians and the press are to be believed. Only when this is available to all those members of Nantwich Choral Society will there be any chance of the Society meeting again and performing those substantial works together with a professional orchestra and professional soloists.

Our programme for 2020/21 was decimated, the Bach B minor Mass having to be cancelled at short notice, back in March 2020. Since then we have been unable to plan anything with any certainty, and if we had, it would have been cancelled. As a result, anyone looking forward to the 2021 Come and Sing Messiah in February will not be surprised that it too has been cancelled.

We are looking forward now with a degree of confidence to May, and hopefully a start up of the Society with newly vaccinated members, who maybe no longer need to socially distance. In celebration, we hope that this may be the occasion when we can have another attempt at the Come and Sing Messiah.

If you are interested, please keep a look out on this web site for details. If you have previously sung with us at such an event, you should still be on the mailing list and we will contact you.

Obviously we can’t be certain that things will have progressed sufficiently for this to go ahead, but in the first instance notification  will be made through this web site. If you have already been contacted by us advising of the event, we will contact you individually should we need to cancel.

We look forward to seeing you all again

In the meantime 


Adrian Percy