Trip to Lüdenscheid

Saturday 16 May 2015, 19:00

Ludenscheid, Germany

undefinedundefinedA large gathering of some 35 NCS members and partners made the choir’s first ever visit to the pretty town of Lüdenscheid in northern German to take part in a concert with Oratorienchor Lüdenscheid. The setting was the Kirche Maria Königin, where a full rehearsal took place on the evening of arrival. The next day, a Saturday, some of us took advantage of a professionally guided tour of the town. This culminated in a visit to the Museum, where a member of Oratorienchor had just married; we serenaded the happy couple with a 4 part performance of Can’t Help Falling In Love by one E. Presley! Saturday afternoon was taken up with another rehearsal, leading to the concert in the evening. Both choirs sang together Haydn’s In Sanae et Vanae Curae; this was followed by a fascinating performance of a Mozart flute concerto (KV 313) on pan pipes. Haydn’s Harmoniemesse, with four fine soloists, brought the evening to a resounding conclusion. We were conducted throughout by Oratorienchor’s musical director, Peter Bonzelet. We all felt the concert had gone very well and enthusiastic applause confirmed this. On Sunday, some returned home, whilst others, blessed by warm sunny weather, were taken to visit some spectacular underground caves. This was followed by a very relaxing boat trip on Lake Biggensee, with coffee and cakes in plentiful supply. Throughout, our stay we received very kind and generous hospitality and are very much looking forward to Oratorienchor’s return trip to Nantwich in June.